We are committed to helping the children, women and families that have fled to the United States from the Northern Triangle of Central America, supporting equitable solutions and charitable activities to resolve a region in crisis. It is our vision to raise awareness about the devastation that is impacting the people and the environment. We also want to shine a spotlight on the positive aspects of the region to advocate for the people and safeguard the vital biodiverse resources it has to offer.

the cause

The current humanitarian crisis impacting children, women, and families that have fled to the United States from the Northern Triangle of Central America is not without cause. The Northern Triangle region has a long history of turmoil from foreign intervention, civil war, and corruption. Additionally, new disasters dealing with climate change have exacerbated the situation and led to the recent and current unaccompanied child migrant crisis.

After the Amazon rainforest, the Northern Triangle region has one of the largest biodiverse regions in the Western Hemisphere. With climate change issues gaining more attention every day, keeping this part of the world intact should be a priority to protect the resources and the potential for the region to thrive as a destination for both business and pleasure.

The region also has one of the highest percentages of indigenous communities in the Western Hemisphere — protecting and respecting these communities is principal to our organization. A significant number of unaccompanied minors are of indigenous descent as well. Ensuring their safety and security is paramount given the long history of instability. Our vision is to find solutions and create opportunities to prevent future crises from occurring and ensure that immigration to the United States is without risk.



For the Founder and Chair, Cristian Morales, the Northern Triangle Region of Central America has been and will remain essential to him.

Cristian was born in Guatemala City, and along with his family, immigrated to the United States in the late 1970’s at the height of the cold war. He also has a maternal grandfather that is from El Salvador along with extended family who are from Honduras.

Cristian’s current efforts are focused on the immediate need to provide support for unaccompanied minors that have migrated to our southern borders. The broader vision, long-term, will be to compel change within the Northern Triangle region and find solutions that will put an end to the devastating humanitarian and environmental crisis. Preserving the indigenous culture and bio-diverse ecosystem are vital to restoring stability and economic opportunity.

Holding a Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations and Bachelor of Science in Management, his business acumen, combined with his compassion and the ability to genuinely connect with the people of the region, uniquely qualifies Cristian to be an advocate for the Northern Triangle region and leverage his experiences to bring about positive change.